Italy gold, Belgium silver, Germany bronze WRC Amateur Senior Riders

7 July 2023 Off By De Quarter

07/07/2023 – In the € 15.000 added World Reining Championship Amateur Senior Riders team competition concluded yesterday at CS Ranch in Givrins (SUI) team Italy clinched gold with the composite score 644,5. Fabio de Iulio and RS Cronos Jac posted a 216,5, Carlo Ambrosini and BMS Walla Getcha Gun a 215,5, Vittorio de Iulio and MR Magic Chex a 212,5 and Elena Kompatscher and Walla Golden Arrow a 205,5. To determine the team score the lowest score is scratched. Team Belgium claimed silver with the composite score 634,0. Bert Coeckelberghs and Gunna Be Delicious posted a 216,6, Amber Heidbuchel and Prof Voodoo a 211,5, Tanja Faes and KB Silverlining Whiz a 205,5 and Catharina Smetsers met Wimpy Special Gun a 0-score. Team Germany claimed bronze with the composite score 633,0. Nikolai Stiller and JJ Spooking Voodoo marked a 213,5, Karin Kamphuis and QT Gun a 211,0, Clemens Bellemann and MJ Einsteins Blanca a 208,5 and Lilli Prayon and Dancing Whizard a 207,0.
216,5 Was the leading score in the concurrently scheduled qualification round for the € 20.000 individual competition. Apart from Catharina Smetsers all the above mentioned combination advance to the individual finals scheduled for Saturday July 8.

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Photo: Tom Hautmann, GER