Vying for medals at EC Quarter Horses

11 August 2023 Off By De Quarter

11/08/2023 – The finals of the European Championship for Quarter Horses currently running in the Ostbayernhalle in Rieden-Kreuth (DE) are scheduled for today until Sunday. Several Dutch and/or Belgian combinations will enter the following finals.
Barbara Ceusters (BEL) with In My Blood: Junior Trail Open.
Kristel Bus (NLD) with Ruff Tuff Diamond: Snaffle Bit Hackamore Reining Open.
Kristel Bus (NLD) with JJ U Whiz U Were Me and KB Dancing Red Whiz: Junior Reining Open.
Jessy Goossens (BEL) with Best Ride Yet: Junior Western Riding Open.
Jamie Verkerk (NLD) with Whiz Smoking Boots: Senior Ranch Riding Open and Working Western Rail Open.
Ann Claes (BEL) with Black Justa Lynx: Trail Amateur.
Nancy van Aken (NLD) with Im Just Power: Trail Amateur.
Marissa Peeters (BEL) with Got Good Vitals: Western Horsemanship Amateur.
Alessia van Aken (BEL) with Sweet Machine Made: Western Horsemanship Amateur..
Lenthel Desmedt (BEL) with Bandedo Dancer: Hunter under Saddle Youth.
Saartje Witters (BEL) with Good Aston Martin: Hunter under Saddle Youth.
Lenthel Desmedt (BEL) with Hot Boy Gone Lazy: Hunt Seat Equitation Youth and Western Pleasure Youth.
Kevin Holthuijsen (NLD) with Bar King Sterling: Ranch Riding Youth.
Bezoek www.ecqh.eu voor aanvullende informatie.

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