Gold for team Belgium in WRC Open Senior Riders competition

7 July 2023 Off By De Quarter

07/07/2023 – Belgium has a rich tradition in winning medals at international team- en individual competitions such as the World Equestrian Games and FEI European- and World  Championships. The composition of the team has varied over the past years, but fixed values and a solid base have always been Ann and Bernard Fonck. That was once again confirmed in the € 25.000 added World Reining Championship Open Senior Riders team competition concluded yesterday at CS Ranch in Givrins (SUI). Bernard posted a 223,5 with ND Pop Gun Trash, Ann a 223,0 with GP A Spook In Town, Quentin Galliere a 218,5 with Tinsel Whizington and Matyas Gobert a 215,5 with Vintage Days RM. To determine the team score the lowest score is scratched, resulting in a 664,5, the gold medal and the 2023 World Reining Champion title.
With only half a point behind silver and reserve honors were for team Italy. Nico Sicuro and Colonels Dancing Gun posted the top score 224,5, Sebastiano Valtorta and Four Season Whiz a 222,5, Giovanni Masi de Vargas and Chex Aristocrat Mr a 217,0 and Stefano Cerutti and FB Topsail Shine a 216,0.
With the composite score 649,5 team Germany claimed bronze. Non Pro rider Gina Maria Schumacher and All Right Magnum marked a 224,0, Lars Süchting and Smart Cal Bar a 213,5, Oliver Stein and Shine Lil Whiz a 212,0 and Jasmin Andersdotter and Gunna Shine a 207,0.
The team competition was run concurrently with the qualification round for the € 50.000 added individual competition scheduled for Saturday July 8. Apart from Andersdotter all the above mentioned combinations advance to the individual final.

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Photo: Tom Hautmann, GER