NRHA Non Pro Futurity Champions

4 December 2021 Off By De Quarter

04/12/2021 – The NRHA Non Pro Futurity finals have been concluded yesterday in Oklahoma City (USA). Marking a 222,5 Gennifer Gilliam and Surprizing Sixty Six [Inferno Sixty Six] are the NRHA L4- and L3 Non Pro Futurity Champions. A truly great achievement. The L4 Futurity Reserve Champions, marking a 221,0, are German Gina Maria Schumacher and Gunin Addy Tude [Gunnatrashya], aka ‘Guapo’. And that’s another great achievement for a European rider. Gina Maria: “Guapo has been trained by Duane Latimer and Duane (head trainer XCS) was supposed to show him in the Open. But he got hurt at Tulsa so he lost a bit of time and then Duane decided it was better for the horse to go in the Non Pro with me as there would be less pressure on him. I had never shown him before. I only rode him for 2 weeks before the Futurity so I did not know him really well. I knew he was a great horse and my plan was just to make a nice run and not burn him out for just one show. I didn’t want to scare him. He was really relaxed and worked with me all the way through the pattern and it was just an amazing feeling to show and have the horse with me all the way to the end. I’m so lucky I have such a great family, friends and team. I also love the way we all work together and are more friends/family then just a crew. I appreciate everyone and couldn’t have done it without all of them.”
That’s what we call well done: Guapo y Guapa.

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Photo: Chelsea Schneider, VS