NRHA European Derby Non Pro finalists

2 November 2023 Off By De Quarter

02/11/2023 – The preliminaries of the NRHA Non Pro European Derby have been concluded yesterday in conjunction with the Equitá Lyon in Lyon (FRA). The Dutch and Belgian entries did quite well.
The top score 214,0 in the $ 10.214 added L1 preliminary round (48 entries) was marked by Margot van Doorne (NED) with the 7-year-old gelding Xtra Shiners Taboo [Shiners Voodoo Dr]. Hayley Verlinden (BEL) and the 5-year-old gelding Heaven 77 [Inferno Sixty Six] qualified for the L1 finals with a 212,0. Erik Verschueren (BEL) and the 8-year-old gelding HR Spooks Revolution [Spooks Gotta Whiz] and Patricia Waaijer (NED and the 7-year-old mare Shinerslightningbug [Hollywoodsrtinseltown] both marked a 207,5 advancing to the L1 finals as well. Hayley also qualified for the finals of the Youth division in which the top score 214,0 was marked by Jody Fonck (BEL) with the 7-year-old gelding Smart Spooky Joe [Lil Joe Cash].
In both the $ 17.659 added L2- (72 entries), $ 23.415 added L3- (65) and $ 36.882 added L4 (52) preliminary round Dries Verschueren (BEL) and the 7-year-old stallion GP A Spook In Town [Hollywoodstinseltown] posted the top score 218,0. Posting a 215,5 with the5-tyear-old mare PL Miss Gotta Whiz [Spooks Gotta Whiz] Dries also advances to both the L2-, L3-, and L4 final. Margot, Jody en Hayley advance also to the L2 final. Bo Brutsaert (BEL) and the 7-year-old mare CJ Gun [CJ Whiz] posted a 215,5, as well as Aniek Hagelaars (NED) with the 8-year-old mate Shes All Shining [Its All About Smart], both advancing to the L3 final, together with Jody and Margot and Suzanne Scharroo (NED) with the 5-year-old mare merrie Xtra Platinum Blonde [Platinum Vintage] posting a 212,5 and Bo with her second mount, the 5-year-old mare KB Cut The Cuteness [CJ Whiz] posting a 211,5.
Good luck in the L4 final for Dries with GP A Spook In Town and PL Miss Gotta Whiz, Bo with KB CJ Gun, Aniek with Shes All Shining, Jody with Smart Spooky Joe, and Margot with Xtra Shiners Taboo.
The Non Pro finals are scheduled for Friday and can be followed live. Visit for additional information.

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Photo: Margot van Doorne and Xtra Shiners Taboo. Photo: Wanted, ITA