De Quarter Western Online is back on track

19 January 2023 Off By De Quarter

19/01/2023 – After a long sabbatical I have decided to re-animate De Quarter Western Online. I was triggered by a message from Belgian Jan Boogaerts, mentioning that the equine media in Belgium totally ignored the fact in their news that Belgian reining rider Bernard Fonck in 2022 again has been crowned NRHA Open World Champion. That’s just one great achievement among others and beside that there has been a lot of rumor on governmental level.
The message made me realize that the western sport apparently does not exists for the media. I not only judge that as disrespect for the many that put endless energy in the equine discipline achieving either small- or big results, but also as a total disrespect.
Starting next weekend I will grab my pencil again to provide a wide audience with news items. Given the sky high energy rates nowadays I will put less energy into the work, but that will not influence the accuracy and reliability of the content. You can count on that.

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