Vanlandingham NRHA $ 3 Million Rider

20 August 2023 Off By De Quarter

20/08/2023 – In the $ 100.000 added Open Shoot Out scheduled for Friday August 18 Jason Vanlandingham and the 6-year-old stallion Gunnabebigtime [Gunnatrashya] owned by Tami Nelson claimed reserve honors. With the $ 17.550,77 that accompanied the reserve title Vanlandingham passed the $ 3 million milestone in NRHA lifetime earnings. The title in the Shoot Out went to Andrea Fappani with the 6-year-old stallion All Bettss Are Off [ Gunner] owned by Rancho Oso Rio LLC. The Top 5 of the Shoot Out has qualified already for TRFAM 2024. These are Andrea Fappani, Jason Vanlandingham, Dany Tremblay, Cade McCutcheon en Casey Deary.
In the TRFAM competition scheduled for August 19 Vanlandingham and the 6-year-old stallion Best Shine [Shine Chic Shine] owned by Robert Santagata claimed the title by marking a 231,0 and Vanlandingham can add another $ 500.000 to his record. By marking a 230,0 the TRFAM Reserve Champion title plus $ 95.000 was for Dany Tremblay and the 9-year-old stallion Tinker With Dreams [Tinker With Guns] owned by Diamond Dub Quarter Horses. Tying for third place, both marking a 229,5 and both cashing $ 75.000, were Casey Deary with the 6-year-old stallion Down Right Amazing [Gunner] owned by DAG Ventures LLC and German Non Pro rider Gina Maria Schumacher with the 7-year-old stallion Gunnastepya [Gunnatrashya] owned by XCS Ranch LLC.
Vanlandingham is not the only rider passing a NRHA milestone yesterday. In the TRFAM competition Casey Hinton and his own 6-year-old stallion Magnums Custom Dream [Magnum Chic Dream] tied for 8th place. With the $ 20.000 that came along Hinton is NRHA’s newest 1 Million Dollar Rider.

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Photo: Jason Vanlandingham and Best Shine. Photo: Jen Kasper Media, USA