The Run for a Million More part II

1 August 2023 Off By De Quarter

01/08/2023 – The Run For A Million (TRM) competition 2023 is scheduled for August 16 up to and including August 19 in the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. One could call this competition also ‘The Run For A Million More’, because with a favorable result a number of the entries can reach another milestone in NRHA lifetime earnings (LTE). Besides Andrea Fappani (LTE $ 7,908,101), Craig Schmersal (LTE $ 4,974,262), Casey Deary (LTE $ 3,823,455), Jason Vanlandingham (LTE $ 2,994,240) and Casey Hinton (LTE $ 985,927) mentioned in our post yesterday, this also counts for Shawn Flarida (LTE $ 7.619.088), Cade McCutcheon (LTE $ 1.784.604) and Dan Huss (LTE $ 7.64.013).
The debut of TRM in 2019 made dust blow in a way nobody has expected. The entries had been invited and given the amount of added money, the community did not consider it a fair competition if the results would count towards NRHA LTE of a rider. Nowadays riders have to qualify in at least one (or more) qualification round(s). The RFM competition in Las Vegas is the final round. The winner of the TRM competition receives $ 500.000 guaranteed, the other $ 500.000 are being paid out percentage wise and the earnings do count towards NRHA LTE.

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Photo: Nathan Piper and Patriot, winner RFM 2022. Photo Jen Kasper Media, USA