World Reining Championship Amateur Senior Riders competition

5 July 2023 Off By De Quarter

05/07/2023 – Following the Para Reining team competition that will be opening the World Reining Championship 2023 tomorrow at CS Ranch in Givrins (SUI) the Amateur Senior Riders will enter the € 15.000 added team competition also qualifier for the € 20.000 added individual competition scheduled for Friday July 8. These are the entries.
Team Belgium: Amber Heidbuchel with Prof Voodoo, Catharina Smetsers with Wimpy Special Gun, Tanja Faes with KB Silverlining Whiz and Bert Coeckelberghs with Gunna Be Delicious.
Team France: Alexandre Giarratano with The Electric Bandit, Sophie Falconnier with Zins Smart Whiz, Charlene Aubreton with Rock Whiz A Sail, Fabien Fargnier with Smart Jewel Peppy and Gregory Morat with Slide Like Jac (Individual).
Team Great Britain: Francesca Sternberg with Red Dirt Paleface, George Sternberg Allen with A Shining Gun, Tabitha Sternberg Allen with Colonel Chic Dream and Paul Cheetham with Juana Spliff.
Team Germany: Karin Kamphuis with QT Gun, Lilli Prayon with Dancing Whizard, Nikolai Stiller with JJ Spooking Voodoo and Clemens Bellemann with MJ Einsteins Blanca.
Team Italy: Andrea Iannetta with Hollywood Gun Bodo, Carlo Ambrosini with BMS Walla Getcha Gun, Mattia Cosio with Hollywood Reminy, Fabio de Iulio with RS Cronos Jac, Vittorio de Iulio with Mr Magic Chex (Individual) and Elena Kompatscher with Walla Golden Arrow (Individual).
Team Switzerland: Nina Zinsli with TR Reinman, Peter Arnet with Whizkers, Sabine Schmid with Xtra Voodoo Cocktail and Alex Kubli with Gunna Ruf Ya.
Poland individual: Irena Grygiel with CR Blue Chrome and Alicja Hunek with BH Lightup Hollywood.
Czech Republic individual: Kristyna Kleiblova with Great Shiners Whiz.
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Photo: Amber Heidbuchel and Prof Voodoo, Team Belgium