Sitting back at NRHA-G Breeders Derby no option

15 June 2023 Off By De Quarter

15/06/2023 – The NRHA-Germany Breeders Derby currently scheduled at the Ostbayernhalle in Rieden-Kreuth (GER) is one of a kind. Most Futurities and Derbies offer ancillary NRHA classes, NRHA Germany does not at this show. Dutch Leonoor de Bruin did not make it to the Non Pro finals with her 8-year-old mare Smart Kizzin Gun [Colonels Shining Gun]. Returning home was no option because she still had another  horse entered in the Open by NRHA Professional and personal friend Petra van Ede. Sitting back was no option as well and Leonoor (late) entered Smart Kizzin Gun for the L1 Open preliminaries and with a 207,5 the pair made it to the finals. Leonoor: “I did not expect this at all, and with 10 more entries to go me and Petra got kind of exited, thinking: “this is not going to happen. It happened and I am looking forward to the finals and enjoying the moment.”

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Photo: Leonoor de Bruin and Smart Kizzin Gun. Photo: Art&Light, GER