18/11/2021 – The finalists of the Italian Futurity scheduled in Cremona (ITA) are having a day off today. The Non Pro finalist will be vying for the titles tomorrow, the Open finalists take the stage on Saturday.
Focusing on the Dutch and Belgian finalists:
Bo Brutsaert (BEL) qualified with 2 horses for the Non Pro finals. With CJ Made Me Do It [CJ Whiz] Brutsaert will enter in L3 and L2 and with KB Cut The Cuteness [CJ Whiz] in L2.
With the composite score 436,0 Ann Fonck (BEL) qualified PL Miss Gotta Whiz [Spooks Gotta Whiz] owned by Lenka Luckakova for the L4 Open final and Bernard Fonck (BEL) qualified JJ Roosters Olaf [Richochet Rooster] owned by Anthony Cianci with the composite score 432,5. With the composite score 439,0 Lukasz Czechowicz (PL) and CSG Wisemanfear [Colonels Shining Gun] owned by Katarzyna Roleska took the lead in the preliminaries. With the composite score 423,0 Petra van Ede (NLD) qualified Voodoo Steps [Shiners Voodoo Dr] owned by Gisela Hass for the L2 Open final. With the composite score 434,0 Francesco Barragli (ITA) and SQ Magnetic Dreamer [Chic Magnetic] owned by Marco Martinelli took the lead in the preliminaries.
The IRHA Open Futurity finals are run concurrent with the AIQH L4- and L2 Open Futurity finals. The L4 Champion is actually already determined; there is only one entry: Ann Fonck with PL Miss Gotta Whiz.
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Photo: CSG Wisemanfear and Lukasz Czechowicz. Photo: Bonaga Communication, ITA