28/10/2021 – The finalist of the NRHA European Open Derby have been announced. After a powerful run In the L4 preliminaries, Cira Baeck (BEL) and the 8-year-old stallion Phantom Face [Pale Face Dunnit] took the lead posting a 223,0. Baeck qualified 3 horses for the finals for which a 217,5 score was required. With both the 5-year-old stallion Nightcrawler [CFR Centenario Wimpy] and the 6-year-old stallion Gunna Be A Big Hit [Gunnatrashya] Baeck posted a 218,0. All 3 horses are owned by Maria Cecilia Fiorucci. With Phantom Face Baeck also claimed the Champion title in the APHA L4 Open Derby scheduled class in class with the NRHA preliminaries. Bernard Fonck (BEL) also qualified 3 horses for the L4 finals: the 6-year-old gelding Spook Sunburst [Great Sun Burst] owned by 7 Heaven Reining Horses, score 220,0; the 5-year-old stallion ND Pop Gun Trash [Gunnatrashya] owned by Nathalie Derua, score 219,0; and the 5-year-old stallion GP A Spook In Town [Hollywoodstinseltown] owned by Golden Paint Ranch, score 217,5.
In L3 Markus Gebert (GER) and the 6-year-old mare Spooks Gotta Deal [Spooks Gotta Gun] owned by Lisa Schlatter took the lead posting a 220,5. To advance to the finals a 214,5 was required. Focusing on the Dutch and Belgian entries: Matyas Gobert (BEL) posted a 216,5 with the 6-year-old stallion AJ Commander Dun Gun [Colonels Shining Gun] owned by Bruno Constantini and a 214,5 with the 8-year-old stallion Arh Trashy Surprise [Gunnatrashya] owned by AT Reining Dream; Wim Vervecken (BE) and the 6-year-old mare Wimpysshiningabigail [Wimpys Little Step] owned by Codan NV marked a 216,0; Kris Hermus (NLD) and the 5-year-old mare Misswhitefacegun [Colonels Shining Gun] owned by AK Quarterhorses a 215,5; and Petra van Ede (NLD) and the 5-year-old gelding Gonnashowya [Gunnatrashya] owned by Lysbeth de Boer a 215,0.
Posting 219,0 Roberta Dubini (IT) and the 7-year-old mare Magnum Chic N Chex [Magnum Chic Dream] owned by Lara Lorengo took the lead in L2. To advance to the finals an 211,5 was required. Vervecken, Hermus and Van Ede kwalificeerden met this requirement. Posting a 214,0 Van Ede also qaulified the 7-year-old mare Cee U In Tinseltown [Hollywoodstinseltown] owned by Gisela Haas. Posting a 213,0 Gilles Huyghe (BEL) qualified the 5-year-old gelding Smart Spooky Joe [Lil Joe Cash] owned by Jean Louis Coutro; posting a212,5 Kim Obenhaus (BEL) qualified the 7-year-old mare Sheez A Tuff Jacky [Hesa Tuff Chic] owned by Alicia Nouwen; and posting a 212,5 Nimroid Vannietvelt (BEL) qualified the 8-year-old stallion Hey Joe [Smart Spook] owned by Steve Vannietvelt en Gina de Pauw.
Posting a 218,5 Lena-Marie Maas and the 6-year-old mare Gunnersbabe [Gunner] owned by Bartolomeo Rubino took the lead in L1. To advance to the finals a 208,0 was required.
The finals are scheduled for Saturday. You can follow the action free of charge visiting the Equitá Lyon live streaming. Visit www.nrhaeuropeanderby.com for additional information.

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Photo: Phantom Face and Cira Baeck. Photo: Wanted Photos, ITA