23/10/2021 – The finals of the NRHA Germany Non Pro Breeders Futurity for 3-year-old horses concluded yesterday in the Ostbayernhalle in Rieden-Kreuth (GER) were absolutely worth following. Though Stephanie Blessing (SUI), Marina Becker (GER) and Emmalee Penha (BEL) were evenly matched, it was Penha that came out on top. In the preliminaries the 24-years-old had already shown what her 2 mounts, Dalmore Selene [Whizkey N Diamonds], aka ‘Nelly’, and Lightning Spook [Undercover Spook], aka Boye, are capable of and in the finals she once again gave proof of that. Halfway the competition Emmalee and Boye posted a 214,0 taking the leading position. With 2 more entries to go Becker and Whiz Gunnas Treasure [Walla Whiz Chrome] took over the lead posting a 214,5. Being the second last to enter Blessing and Shiners Dreamer [Shiners Voodoo Dr] at their turn took over posting a 217.0, despite the fact that the penalty box was hit. That was the challenge for Emmalee and Nelly being the very last entry. The young ladies performed circles and spins above average, resulting in a 215,0. The pair did not only claim the L4 Futurity Reserve Champion title but also the L3- en L2 Futurity Champion title. The L4 was for Blessing, the L3- and L2 reserve title for Becker. With Boye Emmalee placed 4th in L4 end 3rd in L3 and L2. Given the fact that she raised and trained both horses herself, one can call this quite an achievement. Emmalee: “Nelly has been very special to us from the moment she was born. And winning the Futurity now as a 3-years-old is just really fantastic. With excitement and pleasure I’m looking forward to the future with both horses.”
Posting a 212,5 Sabrina Voglberger (GER) and BH Ruf Moonshadow [I Am A Ruf Boy] claimed the L1 title; reserve honors were for Nadine Kamintzsky (GER) and Frozen Gambler [SG Frozen Enterprize] posting a 211,0.
Mentionable as well is the achievement of Bo Brutsaert (BEL) with CJ Made Me Do It [CJ Whiz] placing 5th in L4 and 4th in both L3 and L2 posting a 213,0.

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Photo: Emmalee Penha and Dalmore Selene. Photo Tom Hautmann, GER