22/10/2021 – The preliminaries of the NRHA Germany Open Breeders Futurity for 4-year-old horses have been concluded yesterday in the Ostbayernhalle in Rieden-Kreuth (DE) and the field os finalists is set.
Both posting a 219,0 Cira Baeck (BEL) and Sylvia Rzepka (GER) took the lead in L4. Baeck with Oak Lilith Sixtysix [Inferno Sixty Six] owned by Maria Cecilia Fiorucci between the reins and Rzepka with Wimpy Walla Whiz [Wimpys Little Step] owned by Zsolt Meder under the saddle. Rzepka also took the lead in L3. In L2 it was Francesco Pedretti (ITA) who piloted Frozen Flame [SG Frozen Enterprise] owned by Heike Strambach to the lead, posting a 217,5; in L1 is were Philipp Kühn (SUI) and Lil West Side [Out West Whiz] owned by Gabriela Küng taking the leading position posting a 215,5.
Except for the already mentioned, various Dutch and Belgian entries advance to the finals.
Posting a 218,0 Baeck qualified Custom Vintage Berry [A Sparkling Vintage] owned by Maria Cecilia Fiorucci for the L4 finals.
Posting a 216,5 Bernard Fonck (BEL) qualified Face To Face [Pale Face Dunnit] owned by Lenka Luckakova for the L4 final.
Posting a 214,5 Roy van der Hoeven (NLD) qualified Heezshakennotstirred [Wimpyneedsacocktail] owned by Inanna Versteeg for the L4, L3 and L2 finals.
Posting a 216,5 Kris Hermus (NLD) qualified Miss Maggie Brown [Magnum Chic Dream] owned by AK Quarterhorses for the L3 and L2 finals.
Posting a 213,5 Jurgen Pouls (NLD) qualified Boemil Kairos DC [Spat Split And White] owned by Erma Brouwers for the L3 and L2 finals. Pouls also qualified Tejanas Sparkles [Steppin On Sparks] owned by Erma Brouwers for the L2 finals posting a 210,5.
The final Dutch Touch to the L4 finals is submitted by Grischa Ludwig (DE). Posting a 217,5 with Just On Sparks [Steppin On Sparks] owned by Margot van Doorne (NLD) Ludwig placed 5th in the L4 rankings.
The Open finals for 4-year-old horses are scheduled for Saturday; the Open finals for 3-year-old horses for today.
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Photo: Oak Lilith Sixtysix and Cira Baeck. Photo: Tom Hautmann, GER