21/08/2021 – The L3- and L4- finals of the Austrian Futurity for 3- and 4-year old horses were scheduled for today in Wiener Neustadt (AT). From the Netherlands Roy van der Hoeven is still to enter 2 horses in the Open finals for 4-years-old: in L4 with Voodoosbigenterprise [Shiners Voodoo Dr] and in both L4 and L3 with Heezshakennotstirred [Wimpyneedsacocktail] both owned by Inanna Versteeg. In the L2 Open final concluded yesterday, Van de Hoeven marked a 216,0 with Heezshakennotstirred and a 213,0 with Voodoosbigenterprise, placing 4th and 12th.
In the L2- and L1 Non Pro finals for 4-years-old Erin Danni Wielsma and Gunners Tinselgirl [Tinseltownsmokingun] posted a disappointing 199,0, placing 18th  and 17th.
In the L2 Open final for 3-years-old Kristian Hermus and AK One Little Gun [One Gun] owned by AK Quarter Horses posted a 212,0, placing 5th.

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