08/08/2021 – Without any doubt, Petra van Ede is currently the best performing Open rider the Netherlands have in  the house. At the BO Ranch Open Derby for 4- up to and including 7-year-old horses concluded yesterday at the BO Ranch in La Chapelle La Reine (FRA), Van Ede completely crushed the $ 5.000 added L2 field of entries, counting 16 in total. Van Ede entered 2 horses. With her first mount, the 7-year-old mare Cee U In Tinseltown [Hollywoodstinseltown] owned by Gisela Haas, Van Ede was given credit on nearly all of the maneuvers, finishing her performance with an far more than average sliding stop. The reward was a 220,0. No other entry came even close to this score. With her second mount, the 5-year-old stallion Gonnashowya [Gunnatrashya] owned by herself, Van Ede surpassed herself marking a 221,5. She claimed both the title and the reserve title, 10 full points ahead of number 3; German Oliver Stein and the 6-year-old mare Wrangle Whiz Chica [Wrangle Chic] owned by Stefan Trimborn.
Van Ede: “I am really happy with both horses. Both L2 Champion and Reserve Champion; that is just great. Gonnashowya aka ‘Yolo’ has been bred by myself out of JK Vivs Show Tip owned by our friend Leona. Yolo felt really good in my run. I know he is a good horse, but when everything just fits together like here in France it is fantastic. Both horses are great and I am really proud of them op.”
In the $ 15.000 added L4 (14 entries) run concurrent with L2, van Ede placed 5th and tied for 7th place. At this level the Foncks (BEL) were superior. Posting a 227,0 Bernard piloted the 5-year-old stallion ND Pop Gun Trash [Gunnatrashya] owned by Natalie Derua to the title. With both the 5-year-old gelding Shines Like Spook [Smart Spook] owned by Rosanne Sternberg and the 5-year-old gelding Colonels Whize Gun [Colonels Shining Gun] owned by Anneliese and Hermann Meinert, Ann marked a 224,5 tying for 2nd place. Marking a 222,0 with the 6-year-old gelding Spook Sunburst [Great Sun Burst] owned by 7 Heaven Reining Horses, Bernard placed 4th.

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Photo: Gonnashowya and Petra van Ede. Photo: 8 Photo Agency, ITA