31/07/2021 – The Open finals of the IRHA Derby are scheduled for today in Cremona (ITA).
The following combinations took the lead in the preliminaries concluded yesterday.
L4: Mirko Midili (ITA) and the 7-year-old stallion Maytheforcebewithyou [Spooks Gotta Whiz] owned by Alberto Capello, score 222,0.
L3: Manuel Cortesi (ITA) and the 7-year-old stallion Gunna Sparkle[Gunner] owned by Azienda Agricola Cortesi Piero, score 220,5.
L2: Gal Grahelj (CZE) and the 6-year-old stallion Walla Whiz A Dun It [Walla Walla Whiz] owned by Katja Srimsek, score 217,0.
L1: Marinne Benais (FRA) and the 6-year-old mare Star Spangled Gun [Star Spangled Whiz] owned by Laurance Lectez and Gabriele Landi (ITA) and the 5-year-old stallion I Spring For Chicks [Magnum Chic Dream] owned by Eyal Carmon, score 212,0.
Cira Baeck (BEL) qualified 3 horses for the L4 finals: the 5-year-old stallion Cromed My Gun [Tinker With Guns], the 8-year-old stallion Phantom Face [Pale Face Done It] and the 4-year-old mare Americasnextcovrgirl [Walla Walla Whiz], all owned by Maria Cecilia Fiorucci.
The in Belgian established Kim Obenhaus (GER) qualified 2 horses for both the L3- and L2 finals: the 5-year-old mare KB CJ Gun [CJ Whiz] owned by Bruko NV and the 5-year-old mare Shiney Peppilena [Shine Chic Shine] owned by Bo Brutsaert.
Edouard Winne (BEL) qualified the 7-year-old stallion PR Double Gun [Gunwork] owned by Swann Fournols for the L1 finals.
Yvette van Huizen (NLD) qualified her own 6-year-old stallion SH Electric Bear [Que Peseta] for the L1 finals.
You can follow the finals live visiting livestream.

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Photo: Mirko Midili and Maytheforcebewithyou. Photo: Andrea Bonaga, ITA