13/07/2021 – Once upon a time….. there was a meaningful NRHA rule. Requests for NRHA approval for shows to be scheduled during the same week as an NRHA-owned event would be denied. By applying this rule, participation at NRHA-owned events was stimulated. In Europe it concerns the NRHA European Futurity, Derby and Affiliate Championship (EAC). This rule though is off the table. The NRHA Executive Committee now MAY (!) deny approval of events scheduled during the same week an NRHA-owned event is scheduled. This rule has not been applied in Europe lately and therefore NRHA approved events are currently in each other’s way. This may influence participation at the $ 21.300 added NRHA-owned EAC scheduled for July 25-31 at the Tuse Creek Ranch in Regstrup (DEN) in conjunction with the $ 17.900 added Tuse Euro Slide, because during this period several other NRHA approved events are scheduled in Europe. Starting with GB Summer Contest 2021 scheduled for July 21-25 in Villette (FRA), followed by NRHA Belgium Power Circuit II scheduled for July 22-25 in Grathem (NED), Ride & Slide III scheduled for July 24-25 in Kozlovice (CZE), NRHA Germany Hot Summer Show scheduled for July 27 – August 1 in Kreuth (GER), the € 120.000 added IRHA Derby 2021 scheduled for July 28-31 in Cremona (ITA) and Garden Of England Bounceback scheduled for July 30 – August 1 in Bodiam (GBR).
Not to mention the rest of the show season.

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Photo: Leonoor de Bruin and Crome Dont Corrode, EAC 2019. Photo: Troullioud Fotografie, NLD