03/07/2021 – The finals of the NRHA European Non Pro Derby 2020 concluded yesterday in Wiener Neustadt (AT) were exiting until the very last entry. Especially for Dutch Suzanne Scharroo and Belgian Dries Verschueren. With only 2 more entries to go, among which Verschueren, Scharroo and her 6-year-old gelding Shortyslittlestep BB [Wimpys Little Step] was leading in L3 (23 finalists) together with Italian Enrico Sciulli and the 6-year-old stallion SH Spookgottabadger [Que Peseta], both marking a 214,0. In L4 (21 finalists) the 2 combinations were tying for 3rd place. The second last entry to go was Italian Francesca Ferrarol with the 8-year-old stallion Wimpy Margarita [Wimpys Little Step]. The final challenge for the 18-year-old Ferrarol was marking at least a 214,5 being the L4 top score marked by both German Gina Maria Schumacher with and the 6-year-old gelding Lil Joe Rush [Lil Joe Cash] and Austrian Wolfgang Hammer with the 6-year-old mare Call Me Lil Josie [Lil Joe Cash]. The run-in and back up of Ferrarol were not famous, but this negative aspect was straightened by performing the remaining maneuvers correct and with a 216,0 score the pair took the lead in both L4 and L3. The 216,0 therefor was the final challenge for the last entry: Dries Verschueren with the 6-year-old gelding HR Spooks Revolution [Spooks Gotta Whiz]. The minor penalty on the 1st set of spins was still manageable but with the severe penalty on the 2nd set, a place on the podium got out of sight. Verschueren left the arena with a 213,5 tying for 6th place in L4 and 4th place in L3. The title in both L4 and L3 was for Ferrarol; the co-Reserve Champion title in L4 for Schumacher and Hammer; the co-Reserve Champion title in L3 voor Scharroo en Sciulli. In L4 the last two mentioned tied for 4th place.
L2 (19 finalists) was decided in a run-off between Austrian Jürgen Pritz with the 8-year-old mare Rose Of Mercedes [Cromed Out Mercedes], German Nikolai Stiller with the 9-year-old mare Hollywood Gunrunner [Gunner] and Austrian Markus Spreitzhofer with the 8-year-old gelding Cant Hide A Gun [The Big Gun] all marking a 213,5. The run-off was concluded in favor of Pritz; Stiller and Spreitzhofer tied for reserve honors. In L1 (18 finalists) Stiller and Spreitzhofer settled for a co-Championship.
The Open finals are scheduled for today. Visit https://rh-video.de/livestreaming to follow the action live.

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Photo: Suzanne Scharroo and Shortyslittlestep BB. Photo: Tom Hautmann, GER