02/07/2021 – Yesterday the preliminaries of the NRHA European Open Derby 2020 have been concluded in Wiener Neustadt (AUT) and the field of finalists is set. 22 Entries, among which a couple of Dutch and Belgian, advance to the L4-, 19 to the L3-, 19 to the L2- and 11 to the L1 finals.
Marking a 223,0 Nico Sicuro (ITA) and the 7-year-old stallion Colonels Dancing Gun [Gunner] owned by Quarter Dream SRL took the lead in L4, followed by Ann Fonck (BEL) and the 7-year-old mare Gunners Specialolena [Gunners Special Nite] owned by Diego dalla Gassa marking a 221,0. Bernard Fonck (BE) piloted the 6-year-old gelding Spook Sunburst [Great Sun Burst] owned by 7 Heaven Reining Horses to 4th place posting a 219,0. Petra van Ede (NED) and the 7-year-old mare Cee U In Tinseltown [Hollywoodstinseltown] owned by Gisela Haas marked a 216,0 tying for 17th place, narrowly achieving her ticket for the final.
In L3 Slovenian Gal Grahelj and the 6-year-old stallion Walla Whiz A Dun It [Walla Walla Whiz] owned by Katja Zrimsek took the lead marking a 219,0. Van Ede and Cee U In Tinseltown placed 7th, ensuring their ticket for the final. The same counts for Nimroid Vannietvelt (BEL) and the 7-year-old stallion Whiz White [Spooks Gotta Whiz] owned by Steve Vannietvelt & Gina de Pauw marking a 215,5 and placing 13th.
In L2 it was again Grahelj taking the lead. Van Ede and Vannietvelt respectively placed 5th and 8th. Tiara van Dongen (NED) and the 8-year-old stallion ND Im Not A Wimp [Wimpys Little Step] owned by  Aurelie Robert marked a 213,0 and tying for 16th place narrowly achieved her ticket for the final.
In L1 Gisela Denk (AT) and the 7-year-old mare Shinedeninger [Gunnatrashya] owned by Gernot Kuttner took the lead marking a 215,0. There were neither Dutch nor Belgian entries in this division.
The finals are scheduled for Saturday July 3. You can follow the action live visiting https://rh-video.de/livestreaming.

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Photo: Nico Sicuro and Colonels Dancing Gun. Photo: Tom Hautmann, GER