01/07/2021 – After concluding the preliminaries of the NRHA Non Pro European Derby running currently in Wiener Neustadt (AUT) the field of finalists is set. Leading in both L4 and L3 Francesca Ferrarol (ITA) and the 8-year-old stallion Wimpy Margarita [Wimpys Little Step] took the lead, marking a 217,5. In L2 the leading position was taken by Sara Karasova (CZE) with the 6-year-old gelding KH Yankee Step [Rowdy Yankee] and Nicolai Stiller (GER) with the 9-year-old mare Hollywood Gunrunner [Gunner], both marking a 214,0. Karasova also took the lead in L1.
Suzanne Scharroo (NED) advances with 2 horses to both the L4- and L3 finals. With the 7-yar-old gelding Shortyslittlestep BB [Wimpys Little Step] Scharroo posted a 213,5 and with the 7-year-old gelding Topsail Wimp BB [Wimpys Little Step] a 211,5. Dries Verscheuren (BEL) advances with 2 horses to both the L4- and L3 finals as well. With the 6-year-old gelding HR Spooks Revolution [Spooks Gotta Whiz] Verschueren marked a 215,0 and with the 6-year-old mare Smart Little Ruffle [Smart Spook] a 214,0.
Paulus Beurskens (NED) and Catharina Smetsers (BEL) failed to qualify for one of the finals. Beurskens and the 9-year-old stallion Customized Whiz [Cromed Out Mercedes] posted a 207,0. Smetsers and the 7-year-old mare Wimpys Special Gun [One Gun] left the arena with a disappointing 193,0 score.
The finals are scheduled for tomorrow. You can follow the action live visiting https://rh-video.de/livestreaming.

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Photo: Francesca Ferrarol and Wimpy Margarita. Photo: Tom Hautmann, DE