02/06/2021 – The largest Dutch western associations – NQHA and DRHA – recently published their show schedule for the rest of the year. NRHA Belgium has published her schedule as well. The NRHA-NRHA/B shows are scheduled for June 9 up to and including June 11 in Destelbergen (BEL); July 22 up to and including July 25 in Grathem (NLD); August 11up to and including August 15 again in Destelbergen; and September 13 up to September 19 – in conjunction with the NRHA Belgium Futurity – in Lier (BEL).
The BQHA (Belgian Quarter Horse Association) has scheduled the following dates: August 20 up to and including August 22 in Destelbergen – in conjunction with the Belgian Championship – September 25 and 26 in Vliermaalroot.

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Photo: Wim Vervecken and KD Sniper. Photo: Troullioud Fotografie, NL