21/05/2021 – In the NRHA European Non Pro Futurity finals concluded yesterday in Cremona (ITA), scheduled concurrent with the IHRA Non Pro Futurity finals, Belgian Bo Brutsaert claimed 3 titles. With KB CJ Gun [CJ Whiz] Brutsaert posted a 216,0 winning both the NRHA European L3- and L2 Non Pro Futurity Champion title as well as the IRHA L2 Non Pro Futurity Champion title. This victory meant something special for Brutsaert: KB CJ Gun is bred by herself as well as the mother KB Jenny Whiz A Gun [Gunner]. After lacking competition for quite a while, Brutsaert made a fantastic comeback. Bo: “My goal was to advance to the finals. In the preliminaries I had to get used to showing again so I got off on the wrong foot, but after concluding the consolation round I was confident again. The mare did really well. I have to credit Kim Obenhaus for the perfect job she did on her. Kim has trained the mare and has ridden her until the day I left for Cremona.”
Posting a 215,0 the NRHA Euro Futurity L3 Reserve Champion title as well as the IRHA Futurity L4 Champion title was claimed by Swiss Adrienne Speidel and CDC Cromed Resolve [Custom Del Cielo]; the NRHA Euro Futurity L2 Reserve Champion- as well as the IRHA L2 Reserve Champion title went to Italian Andrea Iannette and Hollywood Gun Bodo [Hollywood Gun Dunnit] posting a 214,0.
Posting a 212,5 Brutsaert and Shiney Peppilena [Shine Chic Shine] placed 3rd in the IRHA L2 Futurity and 8th in the NRHA L4 Euro Futurity. Big winner in L4 was German Gina Maria Schumacher. Posting a 223,0 with One Mr JJ [Colonels Shining Gun] and a 220,5 with  CS Wallawallaboom [Walla Walla Whiz] Schunacher claimed both the Futurity Champion- and Futurity Reserve Champion title.
The NRHA Euro Futurity L1 co-Champion title was granted to Italian Rebecca Sudati with Gun Spark Hollywood [One Gun] and Manuele Maggiorani with OT Skeetme [Skeets Dun], both posting a 212,0. Posting a 218,5 the IRHA L4 Futurity Champion title was claimed by German Stephanie Blessing and Dance Gotta Gun [Spooks Gotta Gun].

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Photo: Bo Brutsaert and KB CJ Gun. Photo: Andrea Bonaga (ITA)