20/05/2021 – After a long forced break the show circuit is starting up again and we will come along. After a long forced break we as well are starting up again, bringing you actual news on our renewed websites and facebook pages De Quarter Western Online and WRS News. Due to all the COVID-19 measures DeQuarter magazine is on hold, but our digital media will be as strong and reliable as ever.
The big entry concerning competition is the NRHA European Futurity 2020, postponed from 2019, currently scheduled in Cremona (ITA). The participation horses by now are 5 years old. The Euro Futurity 2021 for 4 year old horses is scheduled later this year.
The preliminaries of the Euro Futurity 2020 have been concluded already The Non Pro and Open finals are scheduled for today. The following Dutch and Belgian combinations enter in the finals.
☺ Bo Brutsaert (BEL) with Shiney Peppilena [Shine Chic Shine] for the L4 and L3 Non Pro finals and with KB CJ Gun [CJ Whiz] for the the L2 Non Pro final.
☺ Tanja Faes (BEL) with KB Silverlining Whiz [CJ Whiz] for the L3 and L2 Non Pro finals.
☺ Patricia Waaijer (NLD) with Shinerslightningbug [Hollywoodstinseltown] for the L2 and L1 Non Pro finals.
☺ Ann Fonck (BEL) with Shines Like Spook [Smart Spook] owned by Rosanne Sternberg and with Colonels Whize Gun [Colonels Shining Gun] owned by Hermann Meindert for the L4 Open final.
☺ Bernard Fonck (BEL) with ND Pop Gun Trash [Gunnatrashya] owned by Nathalie Derua and with Spat Toy Boy Gun [Spat Split And White] owned by CS Ranch for the L4 Open final.
☺ Petra van Ede (NLD) with her own Gunnashowya [Gunnatrashya] for the L3 Open final.
☺ Gilles Huyghe (BEL) with Smart Spooky Joe [Lil Joe Cash] owned by Jean Louis Coutrot for the L3 Open final.
☺ Wim Vervecken (BEL) with MT Leos Smoking Gun [Wimpys Smoking Gun] owned by Emelda Maertens for the L3 and L2 Open finals.
You can follow the action live visiting www.andreabonaga.it.

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