31/10/2020 – The IRHA- and NRHA European Futurity scheduled in conjunction for November 20 up to and including November 28 in the exhibition center of Cremona (ITA) haven been removed from the agenda. This means the reining season 2020 has come to an end.
The current measures in the battle against COVID-19 are already tough and it is estimated that they due to the increasing number of infections in Italy – the Lombardy region in which Cremona is situated has been hit hard – that they will possibly get tougher. This does not count for Italy only though; other European nations are facing the same problem. Partly because of the uncertainty regarding an eventual intensifying of the measures and the fact that the IRHA does not want to risk a negative financial balance, the IRHA has made the decision to cancel the event for 2020.
In the press release the IRHA has announced that they have now planned to schedule the IRHA- and NRHA Futurity in the last week of February 2021. The option to alter the age limit of horses to be eligible and choose for a more favorable date later in the year, has not been mentioned in the release.

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