Carlo Ambrosini World Champion Amateur Senior Riders

9 July 2023 Off By De Quarter

09/07/2023 – The Italian riders were powerful in the € 20.000 added individual finals of the World Reining Championship Amateur Senior Riders concluded yesterday at the CS Ranch in Givrins (SUI). Marking a 223,0 Carlo Ambrosini and the 7-year-old stallion BMS Walla Getcha Gun [Walla Whiz Crome] claimed the title and the golden medal. Marking a 219,0 Vittorio de Iulio and the 6-year-old stallion MR Magic Chex [ARC Magic Enterprise] ended on step 3 of the podium. Reserve honors and the silver medal were for French Alexandre Giarratano and the 5-year-old stallion The Electric Bandit [Dont Miss My Guns] marking a 220,0.
Belgian Bert Coeckelberghs and the 7-year-old mare Gunna Be Delicious [Gunnerlicious] were the very last entry. In the team competition this combination had taken the lead marking a 216,5. The expectations were high, but a 223,0 was beyond reach. Posting a 216,5 the combination placed 7th.

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Photo: Carlo Ambrosini and BMS Walla Getcha Gun. Photo: Tom Hautmann, GER