14 Nations present at World Reining Championship

3 July 2023 Off By De Quarter

03/07/2023 – The NRHA approved € 150.000 added World Reining Championship 2023 is scheduled for the upcoming weekend at CS Ranch in Givrins (SUI). 117 combinations representing 14 nations will be vying for the titles in the categories Junior- (16-18), Young- (18-21) and Amateur- and Open Senior (21 and older). The nations represented are Austria (3 combinations), Belgium (16), Czech Republic k/Slovakia (9), France (21), Germany (18), Great Britain (6), Hungary (1) Italy (29), Luxembourg (1), Netherlands (1), Poland (10), Swiss (10) and USA (2). Various NRHA affiliates have introduced the participating teams and/or individual rider by now, but a complete overview is still missing. Therefore this item is limited to the Dutch and Belgian participation. The Netherlands will be represented by Pia Boonstoppel entering the 8-year-old gelding Oak Smoking Face [Pale Face Dunnit] owned by Sabine Schmid individual in the category Young Riders (29 combinations in total, 8 nations, 6 teams). Belgium is quite serious entering 4 teams. In the category Junior Riders (30 combinations in total, 7 nations, 6 teams] Angéline Tournay enters the 10-year-old gelding Missedouttinseltown [Hollywoodstinseltown], Elias van Nueten the 15-year-old gelding Big Bad Chex [Big Chex To Cash], Hayley Verlinden the 5-year-old gelding Heaven 77 [Inferno 66] and Lieke Bax the 10-year-old mare Girly Gump BB [Little Gump]. In the category Young Riders Jody Fonck enters the 7-year-old gelding Smart Spooky Joe [Lil Joe Cash], Siebe van Bekhoven the 8-year-old gelding WS Check My Pedigree [Wimpys Smoking Gun], Silke Hendrix the 9-year-old mare Im Lil Birdy Gun [Colonels Shining Gun] and Alexandre Verstappen the 8-year-old gelding Doc O Banjo [Banjammer]. In the category Amateur Senior Riders (32 combinations in total, 9 nations, 6 teams) Bert Coeckelberghs enters the 7-year-old mare Gunna Be Delicious [Gunnerlicious], Amber Heidbuchel the 6-year-old gelding Prof Voodoo [Shiners Voodoo Dr], Catharina Smetsers the 9-year-old mare jWimpy Special Gun [One Gun] and Tanja Faes the 7-year-old stallion KB Silverlining Whiz [CJ Whiz]. In the category Open Senior Riders (27 combinations in total, 9 nations, 5 teams) Bernard Fonck enters the 7-year-old stallion ND Pop Gun Trash [Gunnatrashya] owned by Nathalie Derua, Ann Fonck the 7-year-old stallion JP A Spook In Town [Hollywoodstinseltown] owned by Golden Paint Ranch, Matyas Gobert the 5-year-old stallion Vintage Days RM [A Sparkling Vintage] owned by Benjamin El Hichri and Quentin Galliere the 7-year-old stallion Tinsel Whizington [Tinsel Jac] owned by Sharon de Groot.
The team competitions in the categories Amateur- and Open Senior Riders and Para Reining are scheduled for July 6. The 20 highest scoring combinations in each category will advance to the individual finals. The team competitions in the categories Junior- and Young Riders are scheduled for July 7. The 20 highest scoring combinations in each category will advance to the individual finals. The individual Para Reining finals are scheduled for July 7as well. The Amateur- and Open Senior Riders individual finals are scheduled for July 8.
Visit www.world-reining.com for additional information.

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