Mello Yello Jersey and Bernard Fonck L4 Open Champion

18 June 2023 Off By De Quarter

18/06/2023 – Likewise in the Non Pro finales the excitement in the NRHA Germany Breeders Derby Open finals arose towards the end of the show. In the 2nd session serious results were achieved, to start with Ann Fonck (BEL) and the 7-year-old gelding Colonels Whize Gun [Colonels Shining Gun] owned by Hermann Meinert. Posting a 221,5 she set the bar high for the € 39.000 added L4 division. Not high enough though for Davide Brighenti (ITA) and the 5-year-old stallion BB Gotta Gold Tinsel [Gotta Gold Chain] owned by Barbara Braun. Brighenti posted a 222,5. Watching entry number 15, Bernard Fonck (BEL) and the 7-year-old stallion Mello Yello Jersey [Yellow Jersey] owned by Kay Schröder, the audience raised form their chairs. The run in was nothing special, but Fonck more than made up for that with fabulous spins. The circles and rollbacks were good and Fonck finished his pattern with a beautiful sliding stop, resulting in a 225,0. Dominik Reminder (GER) and the 6-year-old gelding PL Yankee Littlewhiz [Yankee Gun] owned by Simone Zen were definitely on their way to equal Fonck, but came short on the stops, resulting in a 223,0. With one more entry to go Ann entered the arena with the 8-year-old stallion Spook Unchained [Smart Spook] owned by Anna Reinhart. In the preliminary go this combination took the lead marking a 222,0. The spins were of a superior quality, but the penalty box was hit as well, resulting in a 224,0. The title was for Mello Yello Jersey and Bernard, reserve honors for Spook Unchained and Ann. Grischa Ludwig (GER) and the 7-year-old stallion West Coast Trash [Gunnatrashya] owned by Dutch Margot van Doorne tied for 5th place posting a 221,5 and Tiara van Dongen (NED)and the 5-year-old mare Orangeisthenublack [Smart Spook] owned by Gisela Haas placed 15th posting a 216,0.
Posting a 221,5 Emanuel ernst (GER) piloted the 6-year-old stallion Wimpysdreamcometrue [Magnum Chic Dream] owned by Celina Stuiber to the title in both the € 16.800 added L3- and € 9.100 added L2 division. With a 219,0 reserve honors in both divisions were for the 11-year-old mare ARC Walla Smart [Walla Walla Whiz] owned by van Adrienne Speidel and ridden by Fabien Boiron (FRA). With a 214,5 the title in the € 4.200 added L1 division went to the 8-year-old mare Valentines Gun Girl [I Am Shotgunner] owned by Johannes Kainz and ridden by Barbara Bayer (AUT). The reserve honors, posting a 213, were for the 7-year-old stallion Topgunwhizchexenic [Topgun Whiz] owned by Silvia Reich and ridden by Sven Bösl (GER).

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Photo: Mello Yello Jersey and Bernard Fonck. Photo: Art&Light Photography, GER