NRHA Professionals of the Year nominations

16/10/2017 – The NRHA is calling out to nominate persons for the NRHA Professional Horseman of the Year, Professional Horsewoman of the Year, Professional Non Pro Coach of the Year, Professional Youth Coach of the Year and Professional Up-And Coming Trainer of the Year awards. The nomination criteria are weird.
* Contributions to NRHA Professionals (?).
* Distinguishing characteristics that qualify nominee for the award.
* Credentials (show ring, educational, services offered, additional credentials from both NRHA and other associations).
So, on top of the credentials one is able to supply, one needs additional credentials from the NRHA to be able to nominate a person.
Without having to mention any names, there are at least 2 persons in Europe that qualify for the Professional Horseman and Horsewoman of the Year award. Visit to fill out the form.

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