Fiona Durston WPR Saddle Series Champion

22/10/2017 – British Para Dressage rider Fiona Durston is World Para Reining Saddle Series Champion 2017. The finals were concluded yesterday at the DRHA Reining Challenge in Grathem (NLD). There were 5 qualified entries competing. Posting a 206,0 with the 20-year-old gelding Smart A Little [Linas Little Fury], owned by Francesca Sternberg, Durston placed 1st and took the lead in the overall standings. There was a WPR class scheduled on Thursday as well. Though WPR has communicated before that the 2017 Saddle Series will end October 10, 2017 and no classes after this date will be permitted for the 2017 Saddle Series year end awards, the results of that class on Thursday have been taken into account as well. To determine the winner, that does not make a difference though. These are the final standings.
1. Fiona Durston (GB), 158
2. Angela Meyer (USA), 126
3. Stefanie Schulz (DE), 117
4. Janice Boucher (CAN), 115
5. Ricky Balshaw (GB), 90
6. Beth Kelley (USA), 81
7. Wout Gooskens (BE), 80
8. Roy Jaspers (NL), 63
9. Heather Smith (USA), 55
10. Julie Olson (USA), 49
The winner receives a Trophy saddle, de Top 10 receives a buckle.

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Photo: Troullioud Fotografie

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