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De Quarter is the independent Dutch market leader where it concern the western sport. Established in 1994, we bring a variety of articles concerning the sport. Interviews, training, events, news, medical, breeding: you name it, we cover it. Though our market is concentrated in The Netherlands and Belgium, De Quarter has a reputation in various other European countries as well. To come to the point: if you are interested in the western sport, you are interested in De Quarter.

De Quarter is issued six time a year. A subscription for residents of The Netherlands costs € 46 a year. If you reside in another European country it costs € 65, inclusive 6% VAT and postage. Until further notice subscription are valid without a time limit and will be renewed automatically every 12 month for a period of 12 months. Subscriptions can only be canceled by written notice 30 days before the period of 12 months is due.

Take a minute to study our media chart. De Quarter is an interesting medium for entrepreneurs. Advertising in De Quarter guarantees you that you reach an explosively growing target group.

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