All American Quarter Horse Congress canceled

28/07/2020 – The All American Quarter Horse Congress, aka the Congress, is preceded with an interesting story. It all started in 1966. Late Blair Folck, past president of the OQHA, (Ohio Quarter Horse Association), had attended the Charolais Cattle Horse Congress in St. Louis, Missouri. He raved about the success and predicted that the same type of program could be adapted to Quarter Horses and hosted by the AQHA. After months of considering the pros and cons the OQHA Board agreed under the condition that an amount of $ 10.000 was raises before May 1, 1967. They succeeded and with much than the $ 10.000 goal in contract the 1st edition of the Congress was a fact, scheduled for November 3-5 at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus, Ohio. The 3-days event happened to be a big hit.
At this time, 53 years after the very first edition, the Congress is known as the world’s largest single-breed horse show. The 3 days have been expanded to 4 weeks, boasting more than 25,000 entries and housing nearly 6.000 registered American Quarter Horses. Over $ 3 million is given away in cash and prizes and the event attracts over 650.000 visitors to the Columbus area.
This year the Congress was scheduled for Septembers 25 – October 25, as usual in Columbus, but regretfully the OQHA announced the cancelation, based on the information and uncertainty about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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