Battle for NRHA world titles re-opened

17/07/2020 – In June the NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) announced that there will be no competition this year to achieve world champion- and reserve world champion titles and top ten awards. Recently the NRHA has reconsidered this decision and the battle is re-opened. All result from category 1 shows as from January 1 onwards will count towards the year-end standings even if the show approval had not been submitted within the given deadline. This means, among others, that the results of the by NRHA Belgium recently spontaneous scheduled NRHA show will also count.
If besides the titles and top ten classifications awards will be granted, is still uncertain though. As a result of COVID-19 NRHA, like many others, had to cut in their budget and there is no money to finance the awards. NRHA therefore urges people in the industry to step forward to help sponsoring the awards.

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