Cavalli a Roma without Reining

04/02/2020 – Since 2015 the Rome Shoot In, scheduled annually in conjunction with Cavalli A Roma in the exhibition center of Rome (ITA), was the opening of the European reining season. Riders could count on a big purse and the audience were given a preview of what could be expected during the competition year. Last year shows with a huge purse of additional money came out of the ground like mushrooms. Riders were forced to make choices, resulting, among others, in a dramatic decrease of the number of entries at the Rome Shoot In. There where the field of entries in the Open class in 2016 still counted 32 combinations, the number of entries in 2019 was reduced to only 15. It therefore does not come as a surprise that reining is no longer part of this beautiful horse event this year.
Cavalli a Roma is scheduled for February 13 up to and including February 16.

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