EC Appaloosa Horses big hit

11/09/2019 – The 4-times judged European Championship for American Appaloosa Horses scheduled for last week at Reining Center Meertenhof in Grathem (NLD) will be remembered as a successful show. Riders from 8 different nations participated: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy Austria and Switzerland. Competitive classes, especially the Non Pro Halter Mares All Ages counting 17 entries. The competition was tuff for the Dutch entries. The Italians in particular showed up with beautiful horses and knew how to show them. Favorite was the 8-year-old Daniele Tano showing Elusive Dark Lady in the Youth Halter Mares All Ages class. The little man claimed the title and the golden medal.
The organizing Committee of this European Championship. Ester Mathijssen, Tina Kuilart and Sanne Schipper, managed to put together a fantastic event. Who will be organizing the EC 2020 and at which venue is not know yet, but if it would be up to the participants, it would be Grathem again.

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Photo: Daniele Tano and Elusive Dark Lady. Photo: Troullioud Fotografie, NLD

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