Wimpys Little Step newest NRHA $ 11 Million Sire

06/08/2019 – It was just a question of time. The ‘Wimpys’ that perform successful in the reining show pen cannot be counted on one hand for years already. Recently the offspring of the 20-year-old stallion Wimpys Little Step [Nu Chex To Cash x Leolita Step] owned by Silver Spurs Equine LLC have been performing very successfully in both the USA and Europe pushing him over de $ 1 million mark in NRHA earnings. Wimpy is the 3rd stallion in history reaching this milestone. Topsail Whiz was the first in 2016, Gunner followed in 2019. Wimpy is the only stallion reaching this milestone while still alive. 

©2019 De Quarter

Photo: John Brasseaux, USA

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