Jody Fonck EAC Champion Youth 13&Under

20/07/2019 – The NRHA European Affiliate Championship class Youth 13&Under has been concluded yesterday at the Tuse Creek Ranch in Danish Regstrup. The public was cheering loud for the young riders, 8 entering in total. The first competitive score, a 217,0, was posted by Belgian Alicia Nouwen and Sheza Tuff Jacky, being the 2nd to enter. Alicia had a beautiful, clean performance. This was not the winning score though. The winning score was posted by Belgium Jody Fonck and Topgun Showtime, being the 4th to enter. Despite the fact that Jody did hit the penaltybox her performance was rewarded with a 218,5. It definitely was a fine performance but a 74,5 score was a little overdone. The title was for Jody, reserve honors for Alicia. 3rd Place on the stage was for Swedish Oliver Svensson and Shes Madonna posting a 209,5.

©2019 De Quarter

Photo: Troullioud Fotografie, NLD

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