Diamond League Western 2020 already scheduled

03/06/2019 – Diamond League Western 2019 has been concluded last weekend. Besides the various competitions offered (WRAN, ApHC, APHA, WPR) the Western Horsemanship-, Western Pleasure-, Trail-, Ranch Trail-, Ranch Riding- and Reining finals of the DLW Buckle & Saddle Series 2018/2019 were run. Robyn Barkey won the Western Horsemanship-, Western Pleasure- and Trail Champion buckle, Lisa Groot Severt the Reining Champion buckle and Viola Barkey the Ranch Riding Champion Buckle. The bridle and chest collar for the Ranch Trail Champion was won by Fleur Medema, as well as the trophy saddle for the Allround Champion.
The organizers of DLW leave no time over it and have already scheduled the date for DLW 2020: May 21-24, 2020. The precise terms still have to be worked out, but the date stands as a rock.

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Photo: ltr Dominique van Buuren (Euro Horse), Evelien Velthuis (Euro Horse), BQ Blind Date, Fleur Medema, Ria de Vos (DLW). Photo: Troullioud Fotografie, NLD

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