Cosijnse, Van der Zwan and Grether Dutch Champions Reining

26/05/2019 – The NF Dutch Championship Reining for senior-, young- and junior riders has been concluded yesterday night at Reining Center Meertenhof in Grathem counting 9 entries in the senior division, 8 entries in the young riders division and 4 entries in the junior division.
In the Junior division Talitha Cosijnse and Big Gun To Cash grabbed gold and the title posting a 140,5; reserve honors and silver were for voor Roel van Creij and HV Gunnabe Smart posting a 139,5; bronze and step 3 on the podium for Anne van de Wouw and ND Bonnie Whizaday posting a 137,0.
In the Young riders division only 2 entries posted a score. Yessie van der Zwan and Walla Whiz N Tari BB posted a 142, grabbing gold and Sam Zweegers and Skip N Wimp BB a 137,0 grabbing silver.
In the Senior division 2combinations posted a 145,0: Jurgen Pouls en Docs Lil Gun and Anne Grether and Wimpys Little Tejano. As it was a NF Championship only one can be the winner and the public would have loved a run off, but it was not to be. Grether wanted to take her second change, but Pouls waived the opportunity. The title and gold for Grether, silver and reserve title for Pouls. Third step on the podium and bronze, posting a 143,0, were for Fenna Elzinga and Royal Mr Spook.

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