European Championship American Appaloosa

24/05/2019 – The four times judged European Championship for American Appaloosa horses is scheduled for September 5-8 at Reining Center Meertenhof in Grathem, located in the south of the Netherlands close to the border with Germany border. The engine behind this for the Netherlands unique event is Dutch Esther Mathijssen, president of the American Appaloosa Horse Club Holland (AAHCH). If the European Appaloosa owners respond to the call for registration, the Championship will be an extremely colorful happening. In the Netherlands there are only a few competitive Appaloosa horses, but the number of horses in Germany and Italy is considerably. Visit www.euro-appas.com for additional information about the championship.

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Geplaatst door European Championship Appaloosa Horse op Woensdag 22 mei 2019

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