SG Icetopman and Mirko Midili L4 Open Futurity Champions

07/04/2019 – The scores given in the NRHA European Open Futurity finals concluded yesterday in Cremona (ITA) were inscrutable. The judges were far from unanimous in their judgment. A difference op 3 full points between 2 judged was no exception.
Posting a 220,0 Italian Mirko Midili and SG Icetopman [SG Frozen Enterprise, owner Matteo Capello (ITA)] claimed the € 70.000 added L4 Open Champion title. Reserve honors were for Belgian Cira Baeck and NF Shining Whiz [Colonels Shining Gun, owners Kim Windey and David Perneel (BEL)]. This was one of the entries facing a significant difference in the rewards for the various maneuvers. There were one judge rewarded the execution of a maneuver with a +1/2, the other punished it with a -1/2. A score 0 reflects a correct execution of a maneuver; many maneuvers rewarded with a score 0 were far more than correct though, without mentioning the level of difficulty.
The € 50.000 added L3 Champion title was claimed by German Grischa Ludwig and Gunnanicya MM JB [Gunnatrashya, owner Alexandra Schmitz (GER)] posting a 219,0. Posting a 216,5 Canadian Morey Fisk and A Wallflower [Walla Walla Whiz, owner Annemanna AB (SWE)] claimed reserve honors.
Posting a 215,0 Italian Giovanni Masi de Vargas and Bugs At Nite [Gunners Special Nite, owner Mariangela di Pierro (ITA)] claimed the € 28.148 added L2 Champion title. Reserve honors were for Italian Alessandro Frassa and his own Spat Gun Showtime [Spat Split And White] posting a 214,0. Belgian Matyas Gobert and his own Wild West Walla [Walla Walla Whiz] posted a 212, placing 6th. Posting a 211,0 the 4-year-old gelding Walla Whiz N Tibo BB [Topsail Whiz] owned by Dutch Suzanne Scharroo and ridden by French Perrine Prevost placed 10th in L2 and 6th in L1.
In the €14.074 added L1 division German Daniele Saupe and her own Smart N Surprising [Smart Spook] claimed the title posting a 215,5 . French Clemence Neveux and Sparkin Step [Horizons Big step, owner Dominique Reynaud (FRA)] and Italian Alessandro Meconi and Sonita Gotta Whiz [Spooks Gotta Whiz, owner Arturo Pappagallo (ITA)] tied for 2nd place both posting a 213,0.

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Photo: Mirko Midili and SG Icetopman. Photo: Andrea Bonaga, ITA

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